Welcome to the Bulir Padi Foundation.

Bulir Padi is a Jakarta based non-profit organization launched in 2002 that helps children from low-income families by providing them with scholarships and access to better education. It is our objective to empower Bulir Padi scholars to develop into responsible adults and contribute positively to the welfare of their families and communities in the long run.

The philosophy behind Bulir Padi is, just as the padi plant bends lower as it ripens, so too do those who are wise and knowledgeable display greater humility. Bulir Padi children will hopefully grow and mature in the manner of the padi plant and develop their inner potential, enhance knowledge, but remain humble in their journey towards adulthood.

To date Bulir Padi has provided over 380 scholarships for children of low-income families in Jakarta. Bulir Padi also holds an annual book drive that has collected over 2000 books for the Bulir Padi Community Libraries.