We are pleased to introduce DASH, a firm of young architects experienced in design and documentation for the construction of commercial buildings. We specialized in mixed use development in major cities and culturally sensitive projects. As a member of Green Building Council of Indonesia (GBCI), we encouraged all of our projects to be environmentally friendly and in considerations of local surroundings and ecosystem. Due to our in depth involvement in varieties of projects through the years as Concept Architects and Architect of Record, we believe that our knowledge and experience is beneficial to our clients during all phase of design. Our strength in leading and coordinating the design and engineering team in a project show the importance of the process rather than the end result alone. Our expertise in local market will help the developer in anticipating and addressing all design issues with a viable and unique solution to each project.

Danni Sutresna



is a public relations agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since it was established in 2011, Praxis has been assisting clients in constructing and executing communication ideas to build, maintain, or improve mutually beneficial relationship with the general public.

While specializing in media engagement activities, Praxis also provides services such as strategic communication planning, brand positioning, media documents development, executive communication training, social media activation, communication research and media monitoring.


Mama’s Gelato & Pizzeria

Our story began with mother and daughter duo Ibu Wati and her daughter Illiana who share a love and passion for cooking. In the 1980s both of Ibu Wati, who has hotel management experience in Australia, and her family lived in Rome, Italy and explored the rich culture and cuisine of the beautiful country. Over the years they befriended many including the local neighborhood gelataio (gelato maker) and pizzaiolo (pizza maker), who were only too happy to share with them their culinary experience.

When Ibu Wati and her family returned to Jakarta, she was eager to share the flavors of the Italian home to family and friends in Jakarta. She then started the family business in the late 1980s and early 1990s under the name of Pizzeria Pietro at Kem Chicks Supermarket in the popular expat area of Kemang and a gelateria in Central Jakarta’s Jl. Gereja Theresia. In early 2000, the enterprise rebranded itself to become Mama’s Gelato & Pizzeria and established itself in one of the city’s premier shopping malls Pondok Indah Mal.

Mama’s Gelato & Pizzeria prides itself to share with people to enjoy delicious home made premium gelato, pizza, lasagna using traditional family recipes incorporating the methods of the Roman gelateria and pizzeria. Today, we have also expanded our menu to include popular international dishes and desserts.



Event Space & Lounge



When first opening its doors in 1973, the Company based its decision to choose the "FamilyMart" name on a heartfelt wish that its customers, franchised stores, and Head O ce would develop together as a family. In the ensuing period, we have continued to evolve through concerted e orts to become a social and lifestyle infrastructure provider and worked diligently to meet the ever-diversifying needs of our customers as the structure of society changes. At the same time, we have consistently modi ed our business model while leveraging the de ning characteris- tics of convenience stores proximity, time, and lineup. With the opening of its inaugural store in Taiwan in 1988, FamilyMart embarked on an uninterrupted period of overseas business development. Today (as of February 28, 2015), our network spans eight countries and regions, mainly centered on Asia, and comprises 16,970 stores. By keeping abreast of new developments in the structure of society, FamilyMart started to break new ground.