• Provide incentive based scholarships based on GPA to children of low-income families.
  • Ensure these kids go to school and stay off the streets, so they can grow up into confident and self- sufficient individuals in order to improve their families’ quality of life.
  • Help low-income single mothers who are struggling financially to pay for their children’s tuition.
  • To date Bulir Padi has provided scholarships to over 380 children.

Book Drive

  • Hold annual book drive to collect book donations from Bulir Padi donors and the general public.
  • Involve our community and raise awareness on the importance of increasing reading achievement in children, especially from economically disadvantaged areas.
  • To date Bulir Padi has raised over 2,000 new and gently used books.

Community Library

  • Work together with local residents to build a community library in Palmerah, West Jakarta.
  • Books generated from annual book drive are kept in the community library to be used by Bulir Padi scholars, students from nearby schools and the community at large.

Small workshops/readings held regularly/on schedule

Bags For School Charity Fundraiser

  • Hold annual charity fundraiser in the form of a two-days international branded items bazaar open to public.
  • Collect donations of goods for sale from Bulir Padi donors and the general public.
  • 100% sale proceeds that we receive go to fund Bulir Padi community programs.

Healthy Nutrition for Kids

Milk is a delicious source of essential vitamins and calcium, which are vital for kids to maintain proper nutrition, especially those from low income families.

That is why Bulir Padi launched this program in November 2013 to donate milk cartons to 40 kids form low income families in RW03, Palmerah, West Jakarta. In addition to the milk donation, we also educate the kids and the parents on the importance of a healthy diet and nutrition.

Workshop & Training Program

Bulir Padi holds workshop and vocation training programs to help empower our Bulir Padi children and their community. Workshops focus on topics such as health and nutrition, women empowerment, career development and microentrerpreneurship. Vocational training focus on administrative skills, computer and English. Topics chosen accordingly to the needs of our children and the surrounding community.

Internship Program

We work with companies and organizations interested to provide a learning experience for our Bulir Padi scholars and/or recent graduates. This program helps our kids learn about the day-to-day reality and get first-hand experience of the working industry.

Shop for School

The first charity online shop in Indonesia whereby sales proceeds go to fund Bulir Padi Foundations' scholarship program from underprivileged kids. Shop for School is one of the Foundation's proactive fundraising efforts to support our community programs. Shop for School is a continuation of the Bags for School program, an annual charity bazaar that was launched in 2010. This fundraising program invites the community to donate/sell fashion items that are new/pre-loved, such as bags, shoes, etc. All proceeds from Shop for School and Bags for School go to fund Bulir Padi's scholarship program for kids from low-income families.