Bulir Padi Foundation’s DIGITAL LEARNING PROGRAM is initiated from the arising needs of our target beneficiaries during the Covid-19 Pandemic, where they are forced to abruptly change their learning ways to distance learning.

This has severely impacted our target beneficiaries’ quality of learning, as they struggle to meet ends meet while also having to ensure that they have the resources, such as wifi/data and gadgets to support their distance learning. For a household where the average income is only Rp.2,000,000/month (less than USD200/month), this certainly poses a threat to our target beneficiaries’ education and future.

To bridge the need gap, Bulir Padi Foundation’s DIGITAL LEARNING CENTER helps our target beneficiaries in High School (15-18 years old) and Productive-aged youths (18-25 years old) to:


Provide access to the internet and gadgets / hardware for educational purposes.


Provide access to knowledge and education about computers, technology & digital.


Provide updated information and education on current job market requirements and be competitive in job search.


As COVID-19 requires more schools to transition to online learning, this new way of remote learning and online classes exposes the country’s deep digital divides. Many low income students and families in Jakarta live without essential broadband internet services that required for students to complete school assignments at home.

The transition to increased digital learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic is especially challenging within lower- income neighborhoods and communities, as urban poor youths remain without home broadband or a computer and rely on expensive mobile data plans to complete school work in addition to having limited access to smartphones that they share with parents.

Marginalized students are already the most vulnerable to fall behind and even more so as they are forced to adapt to distance learning.

Bulir Padi Foundation’s Digital Learning Program includes building Digital Learning Centers for marginalized youths in in Palmerah - West Jakarta, Bidaracina – East Jakarta, and Marunda - North Jakarta to provide internet access for education purposes and the support our students need to develop and expand their digital literacy skill. Information & Computer Technology training at our Digital Learning Centers will provide them with much needed skills to stay current with today’s job market requirements and gain competitive advantage in the workplace.